Decades of coding in a nutshell
Got an early start with code trying to install games on IBM clones -- damn you, autoexec.bat and config.sys!
Quickly took frontend track in the mid-90's, and developed CDROM-based multimedia applications using Java and Shockwave (Macromind Director), inevitably leading to Flash.
Rode the LAMP stack through the 00's, first using homebrew solutions, then relying on open source frameworks, originally Postnuke, then Drupal. Had something fun going for a while, with an all-Flash frontend to Drupal, what would be referred to as decoupled or headless Drupal or single-page application (SPA) nowadays. 
By the start of the 10's, Flash sadly had to go -- damn you, Steve Jobs! -- but fun came back with the discovery of React. This lead to a reaquaintance with Javascript, shifting away from jQuery towards Node.js; it also served as an introduction to the world of NoSQL and isomorphic/universal applications, and a little later, GraphQL
Which now leaves me standing at a crossroad: stick with Drupal and add a React layer, or go all in on an all-Javascript stack. Logic seems to inexorably lean towards the latter, but wisdom still prevails for the time being. A perpetual work in progress.
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